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Our Timeshare Exit Process


Client submits info about their timeshare buying experience to one of Centerstone Group’s Intake Specialists.


The Intake Specialist schedules a free consultation with one of our experienced Senior Analysts to determine eligibility for the exit service. This consultation will help guide the strategy to cancel the timeshare and all associated fees.


Client submits developer contracts and any other paperwork received from the timeshare company(s) to us for review. A detailed letter explaining the client’s timeshare buying experience will also be requested.


Centerstone works with the client to execute a series of pressure campaigns to facilitate a release from the client’s timeshare company(s).


If the pressure campaign does not facilitate the client’s release, the client’s file is assigned to an attorney for representation.


Client is introduced to the attorney and an attorney engagement letter is signed.


Attorney contacts the timeshare developer and sends attorney representation letter (similar to a cease and desist).


Timeshare Company’s legal department speaks to client’s attorney and a full contract resolution is negotiated.


Client receives a full release of obligation from their timeshare. Maintenance fee letters and collection calls cease to exist.

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